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NFL 2008 Thoughts and Predictions Part 1
Date 8/28/2008    Tags Sports    (0)

Here are some thoughts on the soon to begin 2008 NFL season. I decided to label it part 1 because there is a chance I might find the time to right some more thoughts. I'll be interesting to see just how right I am at the conclusion of the season.
  • Shaun Rogers Not So Good
    It really annoys me when analysts talk about how great a trade Shaun Rogers is for the Browns. No doubt he can be dominating, as his two Pro Bowl appearances prove, but he won't for a full season. He didn't get shipped out of Detroit because he wasn't talented, he got shipped out because he's not a hard working and he takes not just plays but entire games off (such as basically the entire second half of the 2007 season). Now that he got his huge payday from the Browns, what motivation does he have left to play hard? I'm predicating that he will fall out of favor with the Browns by midseason and they'll be trying to move him by next year (or unhappily eating a big contract that he in no way deserved).

  • Chicago Bears A Flaming Pile of Shit
    The Chicago Bears will be terrible, I'm talking bottom rung of the league, 4-12 terrible. The defense is still solid but aging and hasn't been able to stay healthy since their Super Bowl run a couple years back. The biggest problem though is the offense. How they did not make a move for a quarterback this off-season is beyond me, they didn't even try. Now they're left with two quarterbacks that wouldn't start for any other team in the league and to make matters worse, they lost their top two receivers from the previous year. Not even the return of Marty Booker can save them now. Add to that the fact that the Bears had Thomas Jones but traded him away for nothing and then cut the running back they thought was their future this past off-season. No passing game plus no running game plus an aging defense that will have to be on the field a lot because of said previously mentioned offensive deficiencies is going to lead to a long, losing season.

  • Favre VS Madden
    If there were ever two unstoppable forces colliding, this is it. Brett Favre's Consecutive Game Streak taking on the Madden Curse, which has eighty-sixed such other notable stars as Michael Vick, Shaun Alexander, and Donte Culpepper. I think Favre is going to win this battle. The Jets have made some improvements on their line and have a very solid running back (the guy Chicago should have right now) that will keep hits on Favre to a minimum. The Jets could be the talk of the league and looked poised to make a big jump this season even before Favre. But don't go too crazy, they still play in the same league as Tom Brady and Company... a Wild Card playoff spot is possible, but the Jets can't hang with the likes of New England, Indianapolis, San Diego, or Pittsburg.

  • Lions Improving, Win/Loss Record Not
    The Detroit Lions will be better even though their record won't show it. We started 6-2 last season, but had a number of breaks go our way. A tough closing schedule along with the our most dominant defensive player (Shaun Rogers again) completely throwing in the towel when things got tough lead to a 1-7 finish and another year missing the playoffs. This year's schedule is brutal (go figure, 18-1 New England gets the easiest schedule in the league and 7-9 Detroit gets one of the most difficult) and most of the personal improvements are limited to young players that are becoming more experienced. This team is better than last year's and a 3-0 preseason start is promising, but after so many years of Matt Millen induced failures, it's impossible to get my hopes up very high anymore. Calvin Johnson is a beast, bigger, stronger, and faster than anyone he will line up with... he's going to put up huge numbers and if we start winning, he'll be the reas

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