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Abduction Action! Test Footage
Date 9/20/2009    Tags Abduction Action!    (0)

The time has come to publicly reveal, for the first time, my follow up project to Nasty. The game is titled 'Abduction!' and you play an alien piloting a UFO that is tasked with various assignments, typically revolving around annoying or abducting earth creatures.

It is my goal to release Abduction! in November or December but I will prolong the cycle if the game isn't ready. This will be release for XBLIG (just like Nasty) though because this is a smaller scope game and because I want to test the waters, I plan to price this at 80 Microsoft Points.

Any thoughts/comments/suggestions would be very appreciated. This game is unlike anything I have ever played before though perhaps something similar has already been made. As such, much is new to me in this concept.

The game is also very early, I have only been working on this for about a month (along with Nasty 1.5, another more super secret game, and a classified ad website). Most of the artwork is placeholder and there is some buggy behavior (the cow floating across the ground as you may have noticed in the video). Even still, I have great hope to finish in the next few months as nearly all gameplay elements have been coded and now it just leaves updating artwork, fixing bugs, and tweaking gameplay (which in itself is probably the longest task).0" style="d

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