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Is Jay Cutler the Next Jeff George?
Date 11/13/2009    Tags Sports    (0)

After his second five interception outing of the year last night, I read and heard several comparisons made between Jay Cutler and the strong armed QB of the past, Jeff George. I thought it would be worthwhile to compare some statistics and see if there is any basis to that comparison.

Jeff George's career stats from 14 years in the league (12 years of which he played games in) and 131 games look as follows:

Touchdowns: 154
Interceptions: 113
Yards: 27,602
Completion Percentage: 57.9%
Quarterback Rating: 80.4

Averaging this out to a standard 16 game season would look like below:

Touchdowns: 19
Interceptions: 14
Yards: 3,371
Completion Percentage: 57.9%
Quarterback Rating: 80.4

Jay Culter's career so far with the Chicago Bears (nine games) looks like this:

Touchdowns: 14
Interceptions: 17
Yards: 2,353
Completion Percentage: 62.4%
Quarterback Rating: 76

Projecting this out over a full season leads to these stats:

Touchdowns: 25
Interceptions: 30 (ouch!)
Yards: 4,183
Completion Percentage: 62.4%
Quarterback Rating: 76

Comparing an average Jeff George year with Jay Cutler's first year in Chicago:

  • George throws 19 TDs verses 14 for Culter.
  • George throws 17 Interceptions verse a whopping 30 for Culter.
  • Cutler throws over 800 more yards than George (4,183 vs 3,371)
  • Cutler has a slightly higher completion percentage than George (62.4% vs 57.9%)
  • George has a slightly better QB rating than Cultler (80.4 vs 76), due in large part to his lesser number of interceptions.
Purely looking at statistics so far (which I think is fair as Culter doesn't bring much else to the table in terms of leadership or intangibles), Jeff George appears to be the better of the two quarterbacks (based on a few more Touchdowns and far fewer INTs). The comparison that Jay Culter is the next Jeff George does seem pretty fair in most categories with the exception of interceptions where George is clearly the better of the two.

It's a good thing that Chicago didn't give up much to get him on their team... 0" style="display:none

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