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Cheese Steak? Please!
Date 4/22/2008    Tags Rant    (0)

I’ve never been to Philadelphia and never had one of their authentic, world renowned cheese steak sandwiches, but I’ve got a definite picture of what they should look like in my mind and what they should taste like in my mouth. They should been a nice toasted bun and lumps of cheese, meat, and peppers spilling out. Check the picture to get an idea of what I mean (I have no idea if this is a really Philly or just a knock off or a plastic painted food replica that so many fast food restaurants use to show off their food).

What troubles me though (and warranted me making this post) is that so many places have them and so many of them do the cheese steak so horribly wrong, or at least what I assume is so horribly wrong. Arby’s may be the worst offender of them all. Their bastardized cheese steak sandwich is nothing more than a roast beef sandwich on an oblong bun instead of the traditional round and topped with a minimal amount of cheese and peppers. I feel dirty for even eating it, but I’m not about to waste food that I paid for, no matter how much it disappoints me.

I’ve been to plenty of other places that have the same idea of cheese steak. I really like a cheese steak if done right, but as I find more and more places that do them wrong, it makes me less and less likely to try one myself. These poor restaurants are giving cheese steaks as a whole a bad name.

What’s the solution? If you’re a restaurant, don’t sell out and add a half assed cheese steak to your menu if it’s a half ass cheese steak. Either do it right or don’t do it at all less be subject to my blogging wraith which has crushed many a restaurant in its time.
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