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Drinking The EverNote Kool-Aid
Date 5/22/2008    Tags Web    (0)

I find myself coming up with ideas for websites or things to write about or just coming across funny things that I want to remember all the time. My desk drawer at home would be bursting from the seams with Post-It Notes if a desk drawer had seams from which Post-It Notes could burst. In addition, I have some other notes saved on my PC, others saved on my laptop, a few more on my computer at work, a couple on my cell phone, some drawn onto a cave wall, one carved into a giant stone slab, and finally some other notes that I archived in my email. Basically, I've got notes all over the place, scattered so much that they're really hard to keep straight. Sometimes I have the same note two or more times between all these different locations. Often times I miss some time sensitive material with my notes because it gets buried under a pile of other notes.

I recently discovered a new-ish website called (currently in beta) that allows you to place all these notes in a central repository accessible by any web enabled device. In layman's terms, you can get that shit wherever you be. So far I have been just logging in and typing in my notes but it also offers the ability to add notes visa vi email, cell phone, scanning, screen captures, smoke signals, Morse code, and probably a few other methods that I'm not aware of and couldn't possibly comprehend.

There are also options for sorting and sharing your notes, but I haven't really delved much into that. There are probably other things you can do with EverNote too, I just haven't gotten to doing them yet because I've still got a huge stack of notes to get into their system.

The two things I see missing from this site right now are the ability to create a backup of your notes (I've just used the web client, so possibly the desktop client has this feature) and download them to your computer. I would really feel better having a local copy incase this site doesn't pan out, losing all my notes would be disastrous and no doubt set the Internet as a whole back several decades. It would also be nice if there were some way to set alerts for a note. For instance you may have a note to make a doctor's appointment. It would be nice if I could setup EverNote to remind me at some point that I've forgotten to do this. That might be beyond the scope of what EverNote was intended to do, but you can't stop a boy from dreaming.

I figured since I ranted yesterday on my displeasure with Brinkster, today I would talk about a site that I'm rather excited about. As I mentioned earlier, the site is currently in beta, but seems to be functionally pretty stable. You can request a beta account from a link on their main page. It took me less than a day from when I signed up to when I received information how to become a beta user. This is easily the most worthwhile site I've found in quite some time. 0" style="display:non

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