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Banished from DotNetKicks
Date 5/22/2008    Tags Rant    (0)

This blog is pretty new and I figure spreading the word couldn't hurt. After all, I've got a great message to spread (humor me please) but not many ears to listen. I typically check the website DotNetKicks (which is a Digg-esque website solely for .Net developer related things) every couple days for interesting articles or examples.

Considering the nature of the link submission model of DotNetKicks and my having a site that has linkable material on it, I thought I might give things a shot. So I went ahead and submitted my anti-Brinkster rant. Given that Brinkster is one of the largest .Net hosting providers out there, it made sense to me that my assessment of the issues with Brinkster would be something that developers looking for hosting would be interested in reading.

Someone at DotNetKicks didn't think so, as this is the message I received only minutes ago in my Inbox...
A moderator has banned you from

Please let us know if you think this was in error.
Now this strikes me as a totally extreme measure. I understand that if you don't like my post, don't post it. But to ban me for it? I wasn't spamming the site, I suggested one post. Maybe they didn't like the word "sucks" in the article title, but just deny it or edit it.

In running some of my other sites, I've delt with submitting material to the likes of Fark, Digg, and more link submission sites than you've likely ever heard of. With Fark for instance, I've submitted literally hundreds of links to their site with only a handful ever being approved. Not once I was banned from a single one of these sites nor was I ever threatened with such punishment. If they didn't like my material, then they just denied it and moved to the next guy. It shocks me that DotNetKicks wouldn't do the same.

Since I am an avid reader of the site, I've read lots of articles there. Some are good examples and insightful, but there are a good share of articles with dubious value, certainly with less meat than what my Brinkster post had in it.

Maybe DotNetKicks has some alliance with Brinkster... heaven forbid they'd actually be hosted by them. I wouldn't expect that to be the case, but certainly they may be a site the doesn't want to offend any potential advertisers… or perhaps they’re a lot nicer than me and don’t want to offend anyone.

I'm not mad, mostly surprised. I sent them back an email arguing my point. If I don't hear back in the next couple days, maybe I'll post a link to this post there too. Of course that could lead me into a feud with them not unlike the classic Kramer vs. Kramer feud of 1980’s movie fame (though technically released in 1979, let’s pretend it was a year later for sake of this reference).

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