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Hypership Box Art
Date 5/27/2010    Tags Hypership    (0)

Having good box art is really important when it comes to Xbox Live Indie Games. Most of the traffic that comes to your game is going to be from gamers browsing on their Xbox Dashboard. The box art is the only thing they see unless the box art compels them enough to click on it and see more (description, screenshots, option to download the trial). This is why I have opted to spend a little money on box art for my previous games.

For Hypership I once again retained the services of artist extraordinaire Paul Boutros who did a fantastic job as usual. Paul also did the box art for Abduction Action! and the Alien Commander in-game graphic (sorry no link, you'll have to play my game to see this one).

I started the process of getting this box art by drawing up a rough sketch of what I wanted and then emailed Paul the sketch and some general thoughts of where it should go (four ships shooting in space, ominous asteroids in the background, retro-ish looking title, etc). Paul was able to take my thoughts and suggestions and weave them into something really great.

Pretty sweet, yes? I can assure you that it is far, far better than anything I would have created myself and I fully expect it to help me get a lot of trials for my game (from there it's up to me to create a game that gamers want to buy). If you want some really great box art for your game or other general artwork/backgrounds, I encourage you to contact Paul at

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