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Nastier Explained
Date 8/2/2010    Tags Nastier    (0)

I posted the below image yesterday on Twitter and I think it deserves some further explanation.

I wasn't really planning to post this so soon, as I don't have anything done other than ideas floating around in my head, but I felt a certain irony to post this while the XNA forums are so alive with discussions whether a game is a sequel or not. I couldn't not post it given everything going on.

You see, I'm billing Nastier as a sequel that's not a sequel. If (when?) I ever do Nasty 2, I want to redo the game from the ground up. New engine, redesigned graphics, new storyline, etc. That's not Nastier. Nastier is more or less more Nasty but better.

The idea for this started with updates to Nasty. I released two in the lifetime of the game and was thinking about a third. The biggest addition I wanted to include was 4 player co-op play. As I assessed the work that would be required to do these things, it became obvious that it was HUGE, game changing work. So many levels would have to be tweaked for performance and for balance when you add in extra players, it would end up being a much different game. Level size was already small with 2 players... with 4 players, they need even more room to breath.

I finally decided that if I were going to do 4 player mode right (and a few other mystery features), it wasn't going to work redoing levels never designed for it. But I wasn't ready to move on to what I've envisioned for Nasty 2 either. And so Nastier was born.

Think of Nastier as a feature rich expansion pack to the first Nasty. Lots of new levels, larger levels (not huge, but there will be some scrolling and zooming that occurs), a handful of new enemies, items, and maybe a new boss or two. As for a new storyline, I'll be breaking the "4th wall" and mocking the fact that it's a sequel that isn't.

Nasty was the first full game I created. I'm happy how it turned out but also realize I've learned a lot since. I believe the core idea / concept for Nasty is good but I torpedoed it with a bad launch price and some glaring problems which were mostly fixed in a post-release patch. Nastier is my chance to do those things right while also delivering an all new nastier experience to gamers.

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