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Fun Infused Friday 1
Date 3/11/2011    Tags FIN    (0)

In an effort to motivate myself to blog more, I'm dubbing this the first weekly Fun Infused Friday. This means that I should now feel obligated to write one of these each week. Will it happen? You'll just have to tune in each Friday to find out.

Things are hectic these days at the Fun Infused offices (and not just because of the new foosball table). Several games are far along in development and turning into a lot of fun. Sometimes I find myself playing levels of upcoming releases over and over and over... fun for me but bad for productivity. It is a good sign though for what is to come.


Nastier has more or less been tabled for now. I have done a good amount of work on it since the last progress update in December. The game is far faster and action packed now than the first Nasty but it still hasn't captured that "wow, this is fun" feeling. I believe that letting the game simmer for a while and coming back to it later with some fresh ideas will ultimately lead to a much better game.

World of Chalk

This is a new game I released a video for earlier this week. The game plays a bit like Castlevania but on a chalkboard. The art style is very unique and looks even better in HD than the below video shows. A lot of time has been spent setting up the level editor and animations and now the characters, items, and weapons should be getting more attention. The goal for this game is to have it ready for Dream Build Play in June.

Volcano (working title)

I also released a video for a second new game just last night. Volcano is a traditional 2D platformer with the twist that you're inside a volcano and must escape before the lava rises and kills you. This added mechanic forces you to play faster and perhaps more reckless than you would in other classic platformers. The level structure is a bit similar to games like Super Meat Boy in that you have unlimited lives, the levels are small, and one hit kills.

Please note this video does feature some placeholder artwork... that will be gone soon.

Other Stuff

Certainly that's not all we're working on. We've got a previously mentioned pixel art platformer that we're slowly plugging away at and we've got Hypership Out of Control Online, the browser based version of Hypership written entirely in HTML5. Hypership Online is now pretty far along, featuring all 10 waves, most of the items, and a few of the sound effects. We're hoping to have it complete by the end of this month. Initially at least, it will be a free, ad supported game.

Trivia or Die sales have been good so far. It seems likely this will be our top selling game within the next week or two. We have fallen off the Top Downloads list but still seem to be pulling in 20 to 30 sales a day. While not spectacular, these are better numbers than our other games. One title selling this well won't allow us to become full time Indie developers but several would.

I'm also very actively looking into and learning some technologies to widen the release scope of our games. I'd like for you to be able to play our games on your PC, Xbox, or mobile phones. Unity3D seems like the most obvious choice for this as it allows you to very easily port to each of these systems. I'm not abandoning Xbox Live Indie Games by any means but being on so many different systems will allow the games I create to reach a far, far larger audience than they do today.

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