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I Got an Email from Pitfall! Creator David Crane
Date 7/24/2008    Tags Cool    (0)

I grew up playing lots of games on my parent's Commodore 64. Largely the reason I got into computer programming was a desire to make my own games. A few of those old games on the Commodore 64 stand out, one of which was the classic Pitfall!.

I'm still not sure what my motivation was for doing it (beer possibly?), but years and years ago I ran a spoof contest Win Pitfall! Creator David Crane. While I laughed manically, it never got the play I felt it so rightly deserved. And no one felt inclined to submit their essays for why they should win.

So it was kinda surprising that six years after I posted the contest, I got an email from none other than Pitfall! creator David Crane.
"Cute contest", David replied sarcastically. "I wonder if my wife should be worried... Does she have to enter to keep me?"

I'm not quite sure how to respond otherwise. I guess I will have to reserve judgment until I find out what prize "of equal or lesser value" is substituted. What better way to find out what one is worth to the general public?

And to help with whoever did your computer-aged photo I have attached a current photo.

Good luck with your submissions. I have a feeling that the one person who actually submits an essay will take home the prize. (Note that I kept my response to below 300 words.)
I guess by default, David Crane has won David Crane?

Either way, it's kinda funny that this contest, out of the 4,000 some times it was views, managed to reach the titular character in it. It's cool too that someone that played a part in directing my future career took the time to talk to little old me as well. It was nice that he was in good spirits about it and didn't threaten to sue me like Marathon did. When I become super famous, I'm gonna send an email to someone that writes a funny article about me too… I can't wait! 0

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