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PETA is Insane
Date 5/6/2008    Tags Rant, Sports    (0)

Where animal tragedy occurs, PETA is sure to follow. Following this past weekend’s Kentucky Derby involving the untimely death of second place finisher Eight Belles, PETA provoked once more its low moral standing and complete insanity.

For those of you who missed it, Eight Belles was the only filly (female horse) in the race and ran an inspired race to a second place finish. Shortly after finishing in a freak moment, Eight Belles broke both her ankles. A 30 year tenured trainer at the Derby said he’d never seen such a thing in his time as a trainer. Medical personal attended to Eight Belles on the track, but she had to be put down.

In steps PETA, who objected to nothing prior to the race by now choose to call down from the mountains how horrible the sport of horse racing is, taking advantage of tragedy once more to grow their name. There are certain legitimate objections that can be made toward horse racing. You can talk about whipping, you can talk about horses being too young, and you can talk about breeding practices. PETA rather choose to attack the jockey himself.

PETA asked for the immediate suspension of the jockey, citing that he should have known about Eight Belle’s injury and let up despite anyone else associated with horse racing saying there is no way the jockey could have known and that he did nothing no other jockey would have done.

In a radio interview with PETA on ESPN Radio, a PETA spokeswoman was asked what the jockey did that was so bad and all she could do was spew company PR bullshit about the general state of horseracing, clearly showing the PETA didn’t even understand the validity of their own claims.

No doubt PETA has done some good things, don’t get me wrong. But they’re a seriously misguided organization too and really need to learn where to draw the line. They could be known as a great organization that does tons for animals. But outbreaks like overshadow everything else and make them come across as being totally insane.

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