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Weekly Linkage 8.7.08
Date 8/7/2008    Tags Web    (0)

So I was looking for a news story or two to lampoon tonight and I ran across a few stories from the past week that were too bizzare not to mention. Not sure if I'll make this sort of think a weekly deal or just whenever I find some stuff I enjoy. Either way, I promise you'll like these. And if you want me to do more of this sort of thing, let me know via the comments.
You're a Bad Mommy!
Apparently in the 1940's, it was all the rage to give children laxatives. Not surprizingly, that sort of thing is looked upon as child abuse these days. Speaking of which...

Grandma arrested for driving with child on roof
Because putting the kid in the backseat would just make too much sense.

Urine bottles: Another result of high fuel prices?
Truck drivers going slow due to high fuel prices decide that they should piss in bottles instead of stopping at reststops. I say why bottles, why not a beer-bong pointed out the window?

Cops follow Cheetos trail to nail burglar suspects
It's so dumb that it's been in at least a dozen Looney Toons cartoons.

The Nigerian man who has 86 wives
Biggest pimp ever.
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