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NFL 2008 Week 1 Thoughts
Date 9/7/2008    Tags Sports    (0)

  • Lions Being the Lions
    I just knew the preseason 4-0 record was too good to be true. Week one saw my Detroit Lions matching up against the talon-less Atlanta Falcons. On paper, this should be Detroit's most winnable game. That doesn't bode well for Detroit's 2008 season, as Atlanta ran wild all over them and didn't have too much trouble passing either. As I expected, Detroit's run game struggled. The pluses where when they got chances, Detroit got touchdowns instead of field goals and Calvin Johnson had a big game. But the offense is going to need to score a lot more if they expect to win the way the defense started. About the best a Lion's fan can really hope for would be another terrible season and the speedy exit of Matt Millen. I doubt we'll be that lucky.

  • Brady out… for the Season?
    Look at the picture… I'm no doctor, but I'm pretty sure knees aren't designed to bend that way. This reminds me a lot of the Carson Palmer injury a few years back that knocked him and the Bengals out of the playoffs. The PC thing to say is that I'm not happy to see him out, but in reality the Patriots are the villains of the NFL. Between their cocky behavior, tendency to skirt the rules or outright break them, and their unsportsmanlike attitudes, they've quickly gone from the underdog to root for in their Super Bowl win with the Rams to the most evil force in the NFL. If Darth Vader broke his arm and had to miss the first Death Star battle, wouldn't that make anyone in the Rebellion feel a little giddy inside? That's what I liken this situation too. There are going to be few outside of New England fans that will be sad to see the team go down in flames, and that's what is going to happen if the reports are true and Brady misses the rest of the season.

  • Bears Beat Colts?
    This was rather surprising. The Bears looked sharp and the Colts defense looked like that same Colts defense that couldn't stop anyone a couple years ago. The different now though was the Peyton and company were just getting together for the first time this year and weren't quite ready to put up the big numbers needed to support a struggling defense. Had this been a week 8 game, the Colts would win. And I'm still staying down on the Bears… you can old hide a quarterback for so long.

  • Browns Defense Still Sucks
    The Dallas Cowboys dropped 28 on Cleveland, and probably more if they didn't put in their backups in the fourth quarter. The Browns have been the IT team to pick, but I'm not buying it as I said in my last NFL rant. No doubt overweight, overpaid DT Shaun Rogers (who analysts proclaimed as a great pickup) chipped in with 4 tackles. I said it before, but I'll say it one more time, this guy is just in it for the payday and now that he got his, he's got no motivation.

  • Wisconsin Loves Brett Favre
    I had to go to a local bar to watch the Lions/Falcons game here in Wisconsin. During this time, the Jets/Dolphins game was going on. The majority of the bar (besides me and some very sad Patriots fans) would erupt with cheers anytime the Jets did something good, several times scaring small children that had been drug their by their parents and were simply trying to pass the time by coloring. It's going to get really bad, really fast if Aaron Rodgers doesn't pan out. What he's shown so far is promising (and terrifying) but at the same time, there is only one Brett Favre.
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