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Remove Results from a Search Engine
Date 9/16/2008    Tags Web, Rant    (0)

I often find myself searching Google for solutions to programming issues I'm having. While I find this a great resource, there is one annoyance that I constantly find myself coming across... (not to be confused with There are so many free solutions where you can ask questions these days (I personally like the forums at, I don't understand why I must pay to use a site like Experts-Exchange. And most of the time I find I don't need to ask anything, I just want to view other people's questions and answers.

The problem with Experts-Exchange is that it's a large, well established site and thus it is often in the top ten of search results. And if you are just a free member, they block out everything other than the initial question. Essentially the site is useless to tightwads like me.

Ideally, I'd like some sort of option to eliminate this site from my search results, a blacklist so to speak. I could enter the domain name of sites I don't want to ever see in my results and then I would never see them in my results. Then I don't have to check the URL of each link before I open it or face the harsh consequences of opening a site that I will immediately close.

A Digg-esque interface to search engines would be cool to have too... I often perform a search for one thing and some of the results I get are completely irrelevant to what I wanted. Wouldn't it be nice to knock that result down a peg or two so that the next person searching didn't have to feel my pain (which is considerable)?

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